August 21, 2020

A Walk Through Global Cities in the 1890’s~The Video

Easter Parade

This YouTube Video puts together early filmed footage of cities in the late 1890’s At that time seeing a camera man with the large appendage of a tripod and a movie camera was very novel. You will see the same reaction to the camera from the young children in this film as you would expect from children in this century viewing a new innovative marvel.

It is interesting to see the regional dress of people when travel was not so universally encompassing.  And some of the film is of events, not the main streets~Geneva was actually quite a cosmopolitan place in the 1890’s but the segment  presented is for a large fair where agricultural backgrounds were being applied. And in the segment of Paris you will see the moving sidewalk that was elevated thirty feet above the ground installed for the 1900 World’s Fair. Lloyd Alter in Tree Hugger has described the moving sidewalk design and function in detail here.

All the places and the date of original filming are listed below the video.



List of Filmed Locations and Dates

April 1897 – Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem
1897 – Group leaving church in Bohemia, Czech Republic
August 6, 1899 – Ship departure in Livorno, Italy
May 1896 – Tverskaya Street in Moscow, Russia
1897 – Nihonbashi, Tokyo, Japan
1898 – Early Rollercoaster, Britain (Restored Film)
Feb 20, 1896 – Street Dance in Drury Lane, London
June 1899 Victorian Era – Ladies Cycling Display in London
1899 – Town Parade in Selkirk, Scotland
November 3, 1896 – The Melbourne Cup horse races in Australia
May June 1896 – Group in Geneva, Switzerland
1896-1901 Visual tour of New York City
1896 – Frederick Street in Berlin
Summer 1896 – Visual tour of Italy Milan & Venice
1898 – Ice Skaters in France
Late 1890s – A Trip Through Paris, France
1897 – Arrival of a Two-Stage Train in France
Apr 11, 1896 – High Street in Marseille, France
c1898 – Avenue du Bois de Boulogne in Paris, France
c1898 – President Félix Faure and crowd in France
Sep 1898 – Scheveningen Boulevard in the Hague
1896 – Children’s Marble Game in Lyon, France
Venice and visit with Pope Leo XIII


Image: DailyMail

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