August 3, 2020

Is this the steepest block in Vancouver?

The 1500- or 1600-block Tolmie?


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  1. There’s a Reddit thread on the steepest hills around here and there’s no mention of anything steeper than Tolmie’s 22-24%. At least it’s not a designated bike route. Kerr north from Kent might take that one.

    1. Having run every street in Vancouver, except the port area, I think you may be right. I found the two areas with the steepest streets are in that area and in the NE corner north of Hastings, between the TCH and Burnaby.

  2. Hamilton on the west side of Victory Square is probably the steepest block on the downtown peninsula. The 500 block of W. Pender is also a bit of a climb.

    1. You probably mean the 100 block of W Pender.

      Also on the peninsula there’s Richards or Seymour from Cordova to Hastings and Hornby or Thurlow from Beach to Pacific and a few others like Bute in that area.

  3. 1st Ave is pretty steep here too, and is only wide enough to allow for parking on one side of the street, probably because of the steepness of the cross slope. It takes me a while to climb it when I’m carrying a full load of groceries on my touring bike, in its lowest gearing of 22 and 32 teeth (I’ve broken a spoke here). If you are looking for a challenging technical climb, ride up Sasamat from 1st to 4th via the tiny parklet; if you have to put a foot down and there are witnesses just pretend you stopped to pick some blackberries.