April 13, 2020

Dianna’s Covidiary: Stanley Park

Dianna’s covidiary from Stanley Park:

Day three in the park: lots Lycra-clad roadies are mixed with the families, couples and casual riders who would normally be on the seawall. But nothing is normal these days, is it? Makes for an interesting and at times challenging mix, especially on the hill to Prospect Point where some folks wobble out of breath and others are laser-focused on speed.

I wondered how the combination of different abilities and goals (have a nice time with the kids versus ride six loops with heart at maximum) would affect the atmosphere. Some racers complained on websites about slow riders wandering all over the road and swore to avoid the park, and others pointed out that if you can’t work your way safely and quickly around a family group on a wide two-lane road, how are you enough ever going to navigate through a peloton?

In reality, today a few cyclists were clearly irritated at having to share the road with casual riders but most actually seemed a bit friendlier than usual. The seawall effect? People normally on the seawall are spreading their glad-to-be-alive-and-playing-outside attitude with the ‘serious’ riders. Could be a win/win.

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  1. I’ve been awestruck at how much nicer it is to just *be* in the park without the constant flow and noise and stress of cars constantly circling. Just laying or playing on the grass or on the sand is so much more pleasant!

    I would love to see this closure made permanent.