April 8, 2020

COVID 19 Response: How to provide safe and open streets – VPSN

A comprehensive, informed and doable strategy from the Vancouver Public Space Network.  PT especially likes No. 3.

Here in Vancouver there is a critical need for the City of Vancouver … to show leadership in the reallocation of street right-of-way for pedestrians and cyclists in order to keep residents and workers safe.

There are four distinct and inter-related areas activities … focused on providing safe routes for:

  1. Accessing Daily Needs in commercial areas by strategically widening sidewalks in key locations;
  2. Commuting to/from places of work via active transportation modes (i.e. for workers in essential services such as grocery stores, pharmacies, healthcare offices, other critical employment areas); (i.e. shops, healthcare offices, other critical employment areas);
  3. Maintaining Physical and Mental Health – By providing additional space on the Seawall, Greenways, bike routes, neighbourhood designated pedestrian routes, and other pathways – to enable residents across the city to walk and bike for well-being;
  4. Address Neighbourhood and Mobility-based Equity Considerations – by prioritizing areas where these interventions will support residents and workers that are most at risk.

To support the response to COVID-19, we put together a set of recommended approaches to Creating Safe and Open Streets for Walking and Biking in Vancouver.  Click here:


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