March 11, 2020

Canada Goose Zamboni Adaptation Outstanding in the Field


There’s nothing more Canadian than a Canada Goose, perhaps with the exception of a Zamboni. The Zamboni is a rideable machine that shaves the top of rink ice surfaces, and actually washes and wipes down the ice. It was developed in California in 1947, but is synonymous with indoor skating and hockey rinks everywhere in Canada.

We of course also have the best day of the month of February when the Toronto Maple Leaf’s Zamboni driver was pressed into goalie action as an emergency fill in for the Carolina Hurricanes and halted eight shots on the net, becoming the first emergency goalie-and Zamboni driver~in National Hockey League history to be credited with a win.

Which brings us to Mike Hicks who is the  director of the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area on Vancouver Island.

As anyone playing sports on grass knows, Canada Geese seem to like the same dry level places that many sports are played on, leaving ubiquitous pebbled bird feces  everywhere. Mr. Hicks responded with what he calls a “poop zamboni”, a machine originally developed in New Zealand where it scours fields scooping up horse manure. As CBC’s Sheena Goodyear reports, with typical Canadian ingenuity, Mr. Hicks bought the machine as “recreational equipment” and was able to use the Federal Gas Tax Credit given to municipalities for infrastructure and recreation expenditures.

With two kids in field sports, Mr. Hicks knew that the two soccer fields in his town of Sooke were covered in Canada Goose poop constantly. He thinks each goose eliminates 1.4 kilograms or 3 pounds of poop daily.

He tried the New Zealand developed horse dropping scooper on the parks field and had immediate success.

“I tried it on the rainiest day possible wet fields — wet poop, a fresh motherlode of it, and it swept it up beautifully…It’s just a mess. You know, if you slide in for a big steal or something, you get up and you’re just head-to-toe poop. This is the solution as far as I can see, and it works perfect.”

“I really hope school boards and municipalities, that they all get one of these things. It is tremendous. It’s just tremendous.”


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