March 10, 2020

Settecani Italy where Taps Turned Water into Wine


Just the very best story from Settecani  Italy where villagers in this town of 200 people had a wee surprise when they turned on their water taps~on Wednesday March 4, the local premium wine,  a sparkling Lambrusco Gasparossa flowed through the spout instead of water.

Enterprising locals in this village near Modena immediately grabbed buckets to start capturing the wine which is dry and barely sweet.  It turned out that a “defective silo” was leaking wine into the local water system. Since wine has a higher liquid pressure than water in pipes, the town’s residents truly had the best liquid on tap in their homes.

Sadly the mistake was quickly rectified, but not before litres of this well loved local wine had been procured from the taps.

While the local council apologized and ensured everyone knew there was no threat to health with the mature wine coursing through the water system, some residents responded that the problem was fixed too quickly, and wondered if the problem  could not reoccur later in the day.

And the winery? It apologized as well, reassuring residents  that there were no hygienic risks. “It is only wine that was already for bottling” the winery confirmed.

The video below shows what that Italian premium red sparkling wine flowing through kitchen taps looks like.

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