April 26, 2019

Friday Funny: Wet City

“In a lot of ways it was the best apartment I’d ever had. Partly just the proximity to the ocean…”

For lovers of cheeky dystopian thrillers and urban planners alike…

Written and directed by Nate Sherman and Nick Voley, Wet City is a series of shorts from Adult Swim which begs the important question: What would life be like if Amazon tried expanding into New York City after the polar ice caps have melted?

The protagonist, Danny, smoothly narrates his life as it is upended by the madness. Eventually drawn to the ‘Founders Colony’, Danny finds himself imprisoned in a medieval compound while the Founders live comfortably in single family detached waterfront homes, each loosely resembling Sea Ranch.

The moral of the story? While life in the colony can be nice, nothing beats living in the city – even if it’s hundreds of feet under water.

Viewer discretion: video contains limited mature content.

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