‘Nostalgia’ is one word for it.

Bowery and Bleeker, 1981


Bowery and Bleeker, 2017

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  1. The top pic might look better if it were in colour and the store and shutters were open.

    You could take a similar pic – but in reverse and with a future transition – of the former Granville 7 Theatre on Granville Steet.
    i.e. bustling pic of the movie crowds in the 1990s, boarded up with chain link fence and homeless camped out for the past few years after the theatre closed, and in a few more years (hopefully) bustling again as a Cineplex Rec Room.

  2. Ah, yes, when NYC had this famous “soul” that so many nostalgists pine for. Yes, things are terrible now, for everyone. Let’s bring back the good old days.

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