April 19, 2019

Still Time to Give Feedback on Surrey-Langley Skytrain

TransLink sums it all up in two conveniently tweet-able sentences:

Public engagement is a key component of rapid transit planning. We value your feedback and want to hear what you think about the proposed Surrey Langley SkyTrain, and rapid transit options for the 104th Avenue and King George Boulevard corridors.

They do indeed, but apart from the project team’s appearance at tomorrow’s Vaisakhi Day Parade in Surrey, opportunities to have your say in person are over.

Public engagement is only open for one more week (through April 26) via online survey.

Before taking the survey, be sure to check out the engagement boards, describing the project and the various options considered for transit over the past few years, including this handy graphic comparing the different modes and technologies considered.

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  1. For the new Skytrain line in Surrey, Translink and Surrey are only using an unheard of low 600 – 650 m Corridor for upping density. It doesn’t even achieve the standard 800 m distance to rapid bus and LRT stations along the arterials these stations will be on. This is for a Corridor that is mostly made up of ALR, new townhomes and pretty new single family residences.

    They have barely expanded the Corridor area from the 450 – 500 m it was for the B-line service. Talk about short-sighted planning. This is for a Corridor with hardly any ridership. Surrey begged for this Skytrain line and now it’s been planned with true arrogance and neglect. What is Surrey and Translink doing? It makes no sense.

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