From Michael Alexander:

I call them eyebrows— the weather screens that are required over building entries, and extend along some but not all building frontages. As urbanist planner Jan Gehl commented when he visited Vancouver, they don’t extend far enough over the sidewalk to properly shelter pedestrians.

That change would be a gift to the street!

But, occasionally, stuff happens, as seen on Manitoba Street in Olympic Village. Interestingly, this has been the scene for a few months.

I find the shattered-in-place look of the tempered glass very beautiful, so perhaps it will remain, as long as it doesn’t kill someone. You gotta wonder what hit it, and whether it came from above or below.


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  1. At least the typical tilted back / Yaletown warehouse style awning allows for proper drainage.

    The massive sculptural awning at Telus Garden doesn’t have gutters.
    Whenever it rains water pours off the sides prompting the management to erect “slippery when wet” signs and if there’s snow, much of the plaza is behind bollards and cordoned off.

    The designer awnings at The Independent apparently didn’t allow for drainage
    – as they downspouts are clearly an afterthought – see pics here:

  2. Before everyone rushes to admire the “shattered eyebrow” on Manitoba St, it appears crews were on site in the last day and it has been removed.