March 1, 2019

Friday File Feline: Japan’s Traffic Safety Video Catapulting in Popularity


In the “you just can’t make this stuff up” department an auto parts service company in Japan has created a traffic safety video for cats. They actually used animal psychologists’ advice to create a video with “plenty of moving pieces to keep the kitties’ attention on the important message, adding in the sounds of chirping birds, and a narrator who meows.”

Fast Company  also reports that the video was “focus-group tested by cats for cats at a one of Japan’s many cat cafés and were chosen as most likely to ensure a rapt feline audience.”

Using a sound track that has a similar sound wave pattern comparable to small rodents and mice, the video is designed for cat owning drivers to watch too, with driving tips to observe where cats could be found on the road, and how to ensure that drivers do not crash into them. Of course the whole point is for cat owners to check out the video with their pet cat to see if the cat will watch it, and hopefully pick up some human driver trips too. The video is below if you want to check it out on your own cat. Of course the international attention to the fact that the Yellow Hat auto parts company created such a video is enhancing the company’s brand~in three days the video has already garnered almost 90,000 views.


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  1. I just tried playing this … the tom-kitten alseep in front of the computer ( DON’T ask ) woke up with a start & tried to find out where the other cats were …..

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