October 10, 2018

Culture Change — 2018 Vancouver Civic Election

New politics, new people, new message

Further evidence as to the political ascendancy of a different part of our cultural mix. A younger demographic, neither left nor right.  People with media skills, energy, focus.

Oh yeah, and facing a nasty civic crisis with determination and intensity and clear political will.

Plus a message that not too long ago was the third rail, kiss of death, immediate disqualifier and prima facie proof of irrevocable electoral idiocy.

“Every ‘hood for everyone, every day.”

New politics, new people, new message [click to play terrific video with EXCELLENT sound]

A.K.A. lifting exclusionary rezoning to allow construction of denser housing on 70+ % of Vancouver’s land.

See how my summary is boring and clunky.  Now watch the video again.

With thanks to the folks at OneCity and Charlie Smith at the Georgia Straight, and Kevin Eastwood (@Kevin_Eastwood).

BTW — that faint wheezing sound you hear is from old-line parties, wondering why the hell they’re losing control of the city, but still bravely dog-whistling “veto” at every opportunity.

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