September 10, 2018

What’s In a Name — Part 2

Name recognition is one of the big factors in electability, something to be factored in when predicting an election’s outcome. But in Vancouver’s 2018 civic election, here’s a weird anomaly in the mayoral contest.

One candidate is named Kennedy Stewart. He’s got some built-in name recognition due to a previous life as federal NDP MP in Burnaby South.

But twice in the last few days, real-life people in my life have referred to him as “Kennedy”. And now this from Mainstreet Research, discussing their latest polling:

Any name will do, just pick one of mine.

Questions swarm. Will this cause confusion as voters eagerly scan the ballot for “Kennedy”, and can’t find it? Should Mr. Stewart change his name? Is he a person who wants to be known only by his first name? Like Elvis. Or Rihanna. Or Yogi. Or Adele. Or Oprah.

This name thing extends even to Mr. Stewart’s web site.

Call me “Kennedy”

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