September 5, 2018

Vancouver – the Evil Bicycle Becomes Normal

NPA Mayoral candidate Ken Sim on a bike.

As the 2018 civic election rolls onward, we await the list of candidates who’ve filed nomination papers with Elections BC (last chance, September 14, 4 pm).

Meanwhile, we are treated to such revealing media stunts as this: Ken Sim, NPA Mayoral candidate, on a BIKE!  In public. On the record!  And the CBC announcing that this is the first of many such rolling interviews — the Election Cycle.  And the interview may not be about bikes at all. So bikes become a positive and normal part of the world of Vancouver, including the media world.

After failing miserably to agitate enough voters in a pollward direction with anti-bike rhetoric in both previous civic elections, perhaps the obvious has become obvious to the grey people in the NPA’s back rooms.  Bikes are popular.  Bikes are here to stay. Maybe we should join what we’ve been fighting, and what’s led to failures.

So Wai Young, to you we throw the anchor of probable failure. Be it yours to drag to defeat. We’re going after a different bunch of voters this time. Probably some housing stuff — tune in to CBC radio on Thursday morning to find out.

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  1. You mean bikes are returning to being normal again and there was a tiny blip in history in which they were considered evil by some.

    I’ve said for a long time that the NPA’s anti-bike stance wasn’t genuine, just opportunistic. (Maybe it’s the same with Wai Young too.)

  2. When I was cycling a few days ago, a chubby pedestrian walking with his buddy yelled out: “Where’s your helmet?”
    I replied crudely.
    He retorted he hoped I’d get hit by a car.
    Last summer it was a passenger in a car with her 2 cents.
    When I go to the pool (often) and see waddling tubs of fat carrying fries, I’m tempted to speak up, but don’t.
    When I see their fat children, I’m even more tempted.
    Legally, if you see child abuse, you are obligated to make a report.
    If you’re feeding your ten-year-old son, who has boy titties and a paunch, fries and caca cola – that’s abuse.
    When I see people sucking on cigarettes. I’m tempted to say something, but don’t – unless they’re in the park.
    There are still a lot of wankers out there who think cycling is aberrant.

  3. Interesting that they are riding illegally – side by side (not that there’s anything wrong with that). I guess only Quinn is breaking the law – or is he? He’s actually riding where a cyclist should. Sim is putting himself at high risk of getting doored.

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