August 8, 2018

2018 Vancouver City Elections — Rookie Council Concerns

Thanks to the Forum For Millennial Leadership

There is little doubt that in October 2018, Vancouver voters will put in place an almost all-rookie City Council (40 candidates now in the mix).  The winning Mayor (now 11 seekers) may be a rookie too, or may be experienced in another level of government, but not at civic level on Vancouver-related issues.

It does bring up the topic of learning curve — a substantial issue for anyone stepping into a leadership and decision-making role amid the swirl of a complex enterprise, which the City of Vancouver most certainly is.

People seem to think it’s a good idea to bring new blood (a.k.a. rookies) into politics, hence this finding from Mario Canseco, in partnership with the Forum for Millennial Leadership (FML).

Depending on how the votes go, a number of these rookies may be Independents, meaning among other things, that there is no support from party veterans, insiders and back-room boys (yes, they’re mostly boys). In small parties, too, there are likely precious few veterans, insiders or back-room boys with this experience.

Meanwhile, given the potential fragmentation of voter support into blocs (%$@#**& bike lanes) due to the large number of candidates and tiny parties involved, we could also be looking at minority rule and coalitions of varying longevity and strength.  I’m calling this the cats ‘n dogs scenario.  It’s an additional learning curve.

Typically, this learning curve is handled by mentoring and collaboration if done well, or if not, by tossing new folks into the deep end and hoping for the best.  Only the fearless (that’s not me) would venture at this stage to predict who will be around to mentor whom, and what degree of collaboration from whom will help those running full tilt to get up to speed on issues, staff, procedures and so on.

Others have seen this coming, too.  Two groups are holding “Delivering Rental Housing In Your Community“, a major briefing session for rookie candidates in Metro Vancouver. And incidentally, a good way to help place the issue firmly into the minds of potential new City Councilors and Mayors.

The City of Vancouver’s Renters Advisory Committee and LandlordBC are collaborating to deliver an informative and interactive educational event for Metro Vancouver mayoral and council candidates like you. This event will help you understand the opportunities and barriers to building secure, purpose-built rental housing* in our communities. It will be a deep dive into the entire process, from the early stages of making the decision, right through to the day shovels are in the ground. Emphasis will be on the financial considerations and the critical role municipalities and their political leaders play in the process.

Event Details:

Tue, 28 August 2018
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM PDT

Vancouver City Hall
453 West 12th Avenue
Ground Floor, Town Hall Meeting Room

Event Organizers:

  • City of Vancouver Renter’s Advisory Committee
  • LandlordBC
  • Chard Development Ltd.

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