June 6, 2018

Goodbye Alphabet Advantage

For years, Vancouver seems to have elected a surprisingly high number of public officials with surnames starting with letters at the top of the alphabet.

This could be due in no small part, of course, to candidates being sorted in alphabetical order on the ballots themselves.

But thanks to a motion by Clr. Andrea Reimer, moved earlier this spring and voted on this morning, this will change for future civic elections.

Except for the Vancouver School Board.

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  1. Crazy that Councillors B, C, and D were against this motion on randomized ballots from Councillor R. If only there had been a Councillor A against as well…

  2. If you’re just going to pick whoever’s at the top of the ballot, you probably shouldn’t even be voting.

  3. I guess switching from the alpabetised system to a name position lottery is .00001 a degree of progress, but a motion for the provincial government to reconsider wards would be a much more meaningful gesture to democratic improvement.

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