May 17, 2018

Bad Assumption or Worse Message?

Former NPA Vancouver city council candidate hopeful Scott de Lange Boom got $10 in the mail.  But he’s puzzled as to why.
I’m puzzled too.
Given Mr. de Lange Boom’s age and housing-focused motivation, and his alignment with Hector Bremner on housing (more density zoning, please), what was the reasoning behind the NPA’s action?

Reason 1: an honest, if bad, assumption that by asking how to do it, young housing guy wants to cancel his membership.  What else could he want?
Reason 2: “We’ve driven off your buddy Bremner for holding views that aren’t the board’s views, and views that he may stand up for as mayor. We know what you’re all about too, so now it’s your turn. Thanks for the reminder.  Bye bye.”
Either way, the NPA’s implosion continues to scatter debris in the Vancouver public sphere. (And beyond?)

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