May 15, 2018

Vision Vancouver's Mayoral Candidate(s)

One’s out, one’s in, and another one’s in the rumour mill.
Clarity improved a bit once Vision Vancouver’s filing deadline passed on Friday May 11. They won’t yet say who filed nomination papers, but one thing is certain — Raymond Louie is not one of them.
Still, the many choices in Vancouver’s October 20 civic election continue to multiply.
Ian Campbell, one of 16 hereditary chiefs Squamish.Nation.Thunderbirdof the Squamish Nation and an elected councillor, stepped up yesterday to declare his mayoral nomination candidacy. He may be light on name recognition, but he has good alphabet (“C”), and more experience than many other hopefuls. He’s calling for support from progressives.
The Squamish Nation has around 3,600 members, and admin offices are located in North Vancouver, where Mr. Campbell lives.
He’s also a player in the Jericho and Heather Lands development, as a board member of the MST Development Corporation. He looks to be a supporter of supply-side in the great housing debate, wanting to reduce regulation to speed up supply with a focus on mixed use and transit.

Ian.Campbell.Mayor.AnnouncePhoto thanks to @IanCampbell2018

At yesterday’s announcement, he was joined by Councillor Andrea Reimer, Mike Magee and Tzeporah Berman.
Mr. Campbell and the Squamish Nation have strongly opposed the expansion of the Kinder Morgan bitumen-carrying pipeline, while conditionally approving the Woodfibre LNG plant, amid concerns within the nation. More on that here.
Finally, rumours out there tell of a Vision mayoral bid by Taleeb Noormohammed. He’s a tech entrepreneur and former VANOC VP Strategy and Partnerships on the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
Vision’s nomination meeting is a long ways away — now scheduled for June 24.
With thanks to fine reporting from Frances Bula in the Globe and Mail.

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  1. Sorry but live by inNorth Vancouver and having a big personal stake in development are two strikes in my book.

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