May 7, 2018

Vancouver Heritage Foundation Upcoming Events

Heritage House Tour – June 3rd

Next month, Vancouver Heritage Foundation will host its biggest event of the year, the Heritage House Tour.
Explore and celebrate Vancouver’s history and architecture while supporting VHF, a charitable organization that “promotes the conservation of heritage buildings that encourage sustainability and preserve our sense of place.
We encourage anyone interested in Vancouver’s heritage history to sign up early and get your tour brochure in time for June 3.
It’s a full day of history provided by local historians, who will often supplement the official tour narratives with their own research and colour. The tour spans Point Grey to Grandview (all north of 16th Avenue), and features houses with unique histories, including some truly special examples of early architecture.
As a bonus for those concerned with professional development credits with the Architectural Institute of BC (AIBC), the tour counts as a course and earns 6 non-core learning units (LUs) of eligible educational activity.
Enjoy the melding of historic and contemporary design, learn some fun history, and explore Vancouver’s architectural pedigree. 
Proceeds from the tour help sustain VHF programming and projects throughout the year.
SundayJune 3rd
10am – 5pm
$40 or $30 with valid student ID
More info here
Be sure to check out the VHF on Twitter too – they post some informative and entertaining stuff.
Thank you to presenting sponsor Stonehouse Team

Heritage House Tour Pre-tour Lecture:
Pacific Pre-Raphaelites: The Arts and Crafts Movement in Vancouver 1890-1930
Join us to explore the craftsmanship of the Arts and Crafts movement in Vancouver that saw the meeting of international influences with local art and place. Architectural Historian Jim Wolf will present how the city’s buildings and design industry were shaped by talented local architects and allied crafts men and women. The legacy of this early design movement can be seen across the city today in many buildings and homes, including homes featured this year on the Heritage House Tour.This pre-tour lecture is taking place in conjunction with The Vancouver Craft Festival Society and Crafted Vancouver – a 25-day festival that celebrates local, national and international craft disciplines.TuesdayMay 29th7:30pm – 9pmRegister here, $15 or $9 with valid student IDUniversity Women’s Club at Hycroft, 1489 McRae Ave
Thank you to the University Women’s Club of Vancouver for hosting this event.

NEW! Revitalizing UBC: Cultural Landscape and Twentieth Century Design Legacies
The University of British Columbia offers a rich design legacy to explore. The buildings and landscapes reflect key society forces, including a significant collection of Mid-century Modern buildings that introduced fresh ideas on education and design. As the campus continues to grow and evolve, UBC Campus and Community Planning has sought to understand the campus so that each rehabilitation project and new development contributes to this sense of place. Walking tour leaders Gerry McGeough, UBC University Architect, and Karen Russell, Manager, Development Services, will discuss these forces and themes that have shaped the campus over time, how these are informing current planning, and lessons learned as UBC seeks to apply emergent “values based” heritage conservation practices. We will learn about the history and development of key sites and buildings along the route, their design and the architects that conceived them, and how they fit into the bigger picture of the UBC campus.
This walking tour is taking place in conjunction with Vancouver Design Week – Vancouver’s official interdisciplinary design festival.Sunday May 13th
Register here, $15
UBC Campus

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