May 4, 2018

Slow Slow Slow Your Bike

Here’s a fun and gentle way to persuade people on bikes to slow down at the busy bike/ped intersection near Science World in Vancouver.

As usual, click an image to see a larger version slideshow of both.

Note a few things that make the message both light-hearted and prominent.

  • Lane divider made from the bright fiberglass hull of — what? Too big for a Dragon Boat? But very much in keeping with the nautical activity nearby on False Creek.
  • Paddle-shaped sign bearing an adaptation of the ancient nursery rhyme we all know: “Slow slow slow [your bike]” on one side, and on the other side the rhyme morphs into the standard, mellow exhortation about attitude and style: “Gently down the stream“…

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  1. That looks like a Six-Sixteen dragonboat hull. Keep in mind that these boats were designed to hold up to 24 paddlers, so they were quite long. The Six-Sixteen dragonboats were developed in Vancouver and were the “standard” in North America for a number of years until the IDBF standards for boat design were published.

  2. Sweet! We could use about a hundred of those around town to remind some cyclists how it’s done when there’s lots of two-footed traffic sharing the byways.

    1. Now now, there’s plenty of foot traffic walking in the bike lanes too. I’d suggest painting that side of the pathway green, like on roads.

  3. The other evening it had become a magnet for skateboarders who were rapidly destroying the clean white hull, and obstructing the bike path.

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