April 27, 2018

Vancouver Mayoral Madness: Spring Edition

As the October 20 civic elections slowly advance upon us, the noise level in Vancouver is beginning to rise.  Are you up for some fun?
Hope so. Because at this point, you’d go mad if you took the list of Vancouver mayoral candidates seriously.
For those following the announcements, it now looks like 13 mayoral candidates and hopefuls intend to be on the 2018 ballot:

  • 6 NPA
  • 3 Independent
  • 1 Coalition Vancouver
  • 1 COPE/Independent
  • 1 ProVancouver
  • 1 Vision

Many thanks to podcaster Ian Bushfield for his running spreadsheet.
As yet, no lefty-leaning candidate has the broad endorsement or support that might thwart the evils of vote-splitting. Rumours circulate that a star Vision candidate is in the wings.
However, if Carr is in, Condon is out. Well, a few questions first.  Will Ms. Carr get that elusive Vision, COPE and OneCity support she is seeking?  Will positive polling be enough?

Green councillor Adriane Carr can count on Patrick Condon’s support if she runs for mayor of Vancouver.
The eminent urban planner himself is thinking about going for the top job in the city.
But as Condon informed the Georgia Straight, he is waiting for Carr to make up her mind.
If she does run for Vancouver mayor, Condon will remove his name for consideration and back Carr.

Thanks to Carlito Pablo in the Straight:  HERE and HERE.
Brette Mullins, former mayoral candidate, is now a councillor candidate, and YPP Vancouver is gone. They’ve tossed their support to David Chen and the brand ProVancouver.
In another part of town, signs emerge of a difficult decision on the right, even as the NPA’s nomination deadline approaches.  NPA mayoral hopeful Hector Bremner is receiving a few public shots and people are distancing themselves from him. And this comes from NPA insiders, apparently favouring Mr. Coupar or Mr. Sim. These shots are about conflict of interest, which apparently never caused concern during Mr. Bremner’s NPA council nomination.
Thanks to Frances Bula in the Globe and Mail and Dan Fumano in Postmedia outlet the Vancouver Sun.

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