April 19, 2018

Arbutus Greenway — Concept Design Preview

After buying an abandoned, inacessible railroad, taking out the rails and ties, building a temporary set of paths, and holding 25 outreach events involving over 5,000 participants — it’s time to get a gander at some serious plans.  Read on, indeed, to a 38-page PDF that’s chock full o’delights.
It still amazes me that there is so much within a 5-minute walk or a short bike ride of the Greenway (check out the nifty map on page 2).  And I’m very pleased to see serious thought has gone into connectivity from the Greenway to the bike lanes on the north and the south — and all of them in-between.
It’s not specifically mentioned, but I really do hope that the design will find a way include those celebrated Heritage Blackberries.
In the 38-page document (HERE) you can review the character zones (8 of them), which reflect different design ideas — in my mind, turning an abandoned railroad into a multi-faceted gem for the entire city to enjoy and to use for active transportation.
On THIS web page, you can take a survey to get your say on the Concept Design.
April.18.Design.ConceptsThis map is an overview of the 8 zones. [Click to enlarge]  
Here’s an example of “Zone 2 – Electric Alley” (Somehow it reminds me of a one-hit wonder’s pop song from long ago . . . was it the Jurassic?)  Click to enlarge

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