April 5, 2018

Washington State Road Pricing Project Seeks Canadian Drivers

As reported in the Province by Jen Saltman the City of Surrey is looking for two hundred Canadian drivers to participate in Washington State’s new road pricing initiative. Commenced in 2012 the Washington State Transportation Commission is exploring how and where road usage charges could be applied and have embarked on a year-long pilot project.
Two thousand Washington State residents and two hundred Canadians are being sought for the project. The Canadians will indicate how the new road pricing system could work for those that work and/or shop on the American side of the border.
Washington state residents will have four mileage reporting options: a mileage permit, electronic or in-person odometer readings, an automated “plug and play” meter and a smartphone app. Participants won’t be charged for their mileage during the pilot…Canadian participants will be given an automated meter that has GPS capability and is plugged into a car’s on-board diagnostics port. They will receive a “bill” each month that outlines their mileage — they will not be required to pay anything — and be asked to complete surveys.”
Surrey Mayor Linda Hepner (who will be one of the project participants) observed that this road pricing initiative was an opportunity for local politicians to learn more about the funding options. While not related to the work being done on congestion pricing for Metro Vancouver, it will show how another jurisdiction develops and administers a program, its income streams, and the impact of having road pricing in place.

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