March 30, 2018

Friday File:Horse in House is Unstable Situation

In the Friday file comes this story from the BBC News  about a horse named Grey Lady Too that was moved into a house in Lewis in the Scottish Outer Hebrides Islands in 2012. Stephanie Noble who owned the animal moved the horse into the house because “there was nowhere suitable to keep her.”
The local authority (or comhairle) decided in 2014 to remove the horse from the house on the grounds that the semi-detached domicile was not fit for the horse. The comhairle‘s decision was challenged by Ms. Noble, as the council wished to sell the animal. Time has passed, the Council has been paying for the horse’s keep, and the Sheriff has upheld the judgement .
A spokesman said: “From the outset, the comhairle’s concern in this matter has been the welfare of the animal and we welcome the court’s decision which validates the comhairle’s position and actions.
“We will take time to consider the details of the judgement carefully and await passage of the period for any appeal to be lodged.Grey Lady Too was removed by the Comhairle in 2014 because of unsuitable stabling arrangements.”

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