March 14, 2018

The City Today: Sydney

Greg Vann shared this photo of ‘The City Today.’  In one shot on George Street: light rail under construction, shared bike, attack prevention blocks.

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  1. Show a photo of the vast, frequent AND FAST ferry system too that could be a model for Vancouver, with 40+ stops. Not these slow (and very expensive) 8 people vessels on False Creek or the super slow SeaBus.
    Love to see a discussion here why we do not have a similar system here, cheap, frequent, wide ranging and fast ?
    From W-Van to UBC, From Kits to Deep Cove & Port Moody, From downtown to numerous points in N Van, W Van, Port Moody, UBC, False Creek etc .. i.e. multiple lines criss-crossing English Bay, False Creek and Burrard Inlet.

    1. We use the Aquabus regularly. It may be expensive for tourists doing the tour of False Creek on an all day pass, but we cross from David Lam dock to either Granville Island or Stamps Landing for two tickets, purchased in books of 20. The ticket books go on sale so regulars know when to buy them. Net price is similar to a transit bus for one zone. They run every few minutes. They carry 12 passengers and up, depending on the vessel. We find them to be fast.
      During a recent workshop on transportation planning for the redevelopment of South False Creek, attendees (residents) were asked to list how they moved around the area. Many said they never used the ferries, those were for tourists. Others of us used them regularly. It was an interesting discussion.

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