February 5, 2018

Van Jones & Anne-Marie Slaughter – Feb 28

The New World of Work: Thriving or Surviving?
Meet Van Jones & Anne-Marie Slaughter

The SFU Public Square 2018 Community Summit will be about The New World of Work: Thriving or Surviving?
The keynote speakers and #bravenewwork tour guides are Van Jones and Anne-Marie Slaughter – what sort of challenges are ahead, and how might we address them through green jobs, emergent industries, education, and public policy?
Van Jones is a social entrepreneur, CNN political contributor, the host of The Messy Truth with Van Jones and, most recently, his own talk show, The Van Jones Show.
Anne-Marie Slaughter has been described as “an innovative and prolific scholar” by Foreign Policy and named one of the magazine’s Top 100 Global Thinkers four years in a row.
On February 28 at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Van Jones and Anne-Marie Slaughter will take the stage together for the first time.
Reserve your seats now.

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  1. What an odd event. One is a decent academic, who was once attacked, as a women, by Hilary, in a women’s magazine, no less. The other is formerly a failed journalist, then failed lawyer, then failed environmentalist (fired by Obama), then failed something else, now a fake news filler who’d be better put assisting Baltimore & Detroit rather than Vancouver.
    SFU bring in some relevants, please.

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