November 21, 2017

CityStudio Bridge Warming – Nov 24

Bridge Warming is a free event created by CityStudio students in partnership with VIVA Vancouver.
Lights, music and extreme coziness…
Twenty students from SFU Semester in Dialogue at CityStudio have partnered with VIVA Vancouver to create engaging and thought-provoking projects underneath the Cambie Bridge. Bridge Warming shows the potential of Vancouver’s covered spaces for year-round events.
-Join us for an interactive jam session at our pop up performance space.
-Share your thoughts and creativity on our participatory chalk walls.
-Visit our outdoor living room for sharing skills, books and stories.
-Hang out in Vancouver’s first large-scale public blanket fort (Feat. complimentary hot cocoa)
-Discover how native plants contribute to urban biodiversity in a miniature cityscape garden.
-At sundown, Hfour brings awe and wonder back to our oversaturated world. Be immersed in projections and lighting, alongside live music to end off the night.
Everyone is welcome at our free event
November 24
3-8 pm
Underneath the south side of the Cambie Bridge, between 1st and 2nd Avenue –  near Olympic Village Station

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