October 4, 2017

Burrard Bridge: Contribute to Our Photographic Celebration

Price Tags is hosting an online exhibition for great images of Burrard Bridge – ones our readers have in their files or, better yet, images to be taken once the bridge project is complete.  [See images below].
When asked what has surprised him most about the Burrard Bridge project, City Engineer Jerry Dobrovolny mused that it was love that so many people have for the bridge.  Whether newcomers or long-time users, people are discovering the bridge again in a new way.
Now that proper sidewalks are available on both sides, without the conflict of multiple users, set back from traffic, people will have time to contemplate the extraordinary setting of English Bay on one side, False Creek on the other, with a glistening skyline as backdrop.
The Burrard Bridge, newly lit, upgraded and accessible, will more than ever become an icon of the city.

A pano by Stephen Rees.  Click to enlarge.


Thanks to David McLellan for this:

Here’s my favourite:
AA HQ False Creek fog Dec 01 02 (38)
Price Tags invites you to send us your best Burrard Bridge images or go out and make some more.  Be inventive; we’re looking for more than postcards.  Show us how people are discovering the bridge anew.
Send them to PT.GuestEd@Gmail.com.
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