September 14, 2017

SFU City Conversations on Market Day – Sep 21

SFU Market Day: Local Food, Food Security, and Saving Local Agriculture

On Thursday September 21, SFU City Conversations visits the Downtown Farmers Market at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre Plaza. This special edition of City Conversations takes place as part of SFU Market Day, an event to convene SFU students, staff, and the broader downtown community around a celebration of local food.
Locally grown and produced food is fresher, often better tasting, and sometimes even more nutritious than produce that has been shipped from around the world. But what does it take to get this fresh local produce, meat and seafood to your table? Want to grow your own food but aren’t sure how to begin? Wondering if our exceptional agricultural land is being used to its full potential? Interested in how Vancouver is protecting itself from international food disruption and increasing food prices?
Joining us for the conversation is Richmond City Councillor Harold Steves, co-founder of the Agricultural Land Reserve (Steveston is named for his family); and Lisa Giroday, co-founder of Victory Gardens. They will help us frame the issues, and then it’s time for you to ask your questions, express your opinions, make your observations. It’s a conversation!
Before and after the conversation, browse the Downtown Farmers Market and meet the 30+ farmers and producers who are there every Thursday until the end of the season. Come early for giant board games, and stay after for a dance performance from SFU’s School for the Contemporary Arts. Plus, the first 50 people to show their SFU identification at the market info tent will receive $5 in market money. Enjoy the ambience, taste some really fresh food, and appreciate what our local farmers do for you and your health. You’ll find seasonal fruits & vegetables, ethically raised meat, poultry, eggs & dairy, sustainable seafood, artisanal food & crafts, food trucks, and local craft beer, wine & spirits.
This event is off-site at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre Plaza, located at the corner of Georgia and Hamilton Streets. This is a free event with no reservations, but please come early to enjoy all the market has to offer and guarantee yourself a seat.

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City Conversations: 12:30–1:30pm
Vancouver Farmers Market: 11:00am–3:00pm
Giant Games: 11:00am–3:00pm
SFU SCA Dancers: 1:45pm & 2:30pm
Vancouver Farmers Market
Queen Elizabeth Theatre Plaza
695 Cambie Street

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  1. What we so often have is the antithesis of local. One of the most bizarre is a chicken tikki masala mix (along with other mutant mixes) imported from … India? … Indians living in Britain? … No. Imported from Poland. That’s just weird. Another ridiculous import is frozen duck from Hungary. Hungary?! At the same price of our first-class fresh Fraser Valley duck, why has frozen duck from Hungary landed on our shore? Ludicrous. Or shortbread from Scotland. Canada. One of the world’s greatest growers of wheat importing nutritionally deficient buttery crap from Scotland?! That’s so wrong. Nice to think that these are anomalies, but there are many examples.
    What disturbs me the most is the industrial manufactured junk in vending machines in community centres. No way should this garbage be here. Ever see little kids around these machines? It’s like gambling addicts at Vegas slots.
    Those under the age of eighteen shouldn’t be allowed to go into corner crap stores, just as they are not allowed in liquor stores or pot dispensaries. These grubby venal stores sell nothing but imported crap – and they sell one of the worst substances known to humankind. Tobacco.
    Be local and green.

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