September 6, 2017

Civic Candidate Declares Platform

Glen Chernen (“Making the World Safe For Muscle Cars”) has announced his political modus operandi, in clear and unmistakable terms.  He has attacked one NPA Council nomination opponent (Bremner), and asked for his disqualification.  And, incidentally, has attacked the NPA itself, who must have missed all of Bremner’s alleged shenanigans.
In the background, you can find Chernan’s words on issues, many of which seem to be about combatting reduced scope for his muscle car.  And “Take Our City Back”, he tweets, using a phrase that somehow seems familiar, alluding as it does to some rosy idea about a past Vancouver. Now where have I heard this kind of thing before?
Thanks to Sam Cooper in PostMedia outlet the Vancouver Sun for this:

A would-be Vancouver city council candidate has lobbed a political grenade into the Non-Partisan Association’s nomination meeting Wednesday, asking the civic party to remove energy company lobbyist Hector Bremner from its nominee ballot. . . . .
. . .  “I have asked the NPA to remove Hector Bremner for the good of the party,” Chernen said. “I’m asking this based on inconsistencies and potential false declarations concerning his employment history working for Rich Coleman at the Ministry of Natural Gas Development and Housing, and lobbyist disclosures while Hector was lobbying for Steelhead LNG.”

Since this action tars both Chernen and Bremner, does it open a pathway for remaining candidate Penny Noble to get the NPA Council seat nomination, despite her association with the dreaded world of two-wheeled transportation as Exec Director of Bike to Work BC? Round and round go the wheels of delight.
The NPA’s nomination meeting is 4-8 pm tonight (Sept 6), for both School Board and City Council candidates.  Location is Italian Cultural Centre, 3075 Slocan St., Vancouver.

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