June 8, 2017

Vancouverism on the North Shore

Lonsdale and 13th is becoming the anchor intersection of Upper Lonsdale in the City of North Vancouver – at least on the east side.  The urban-design techniques of mixed-use high density are now apparent.  Where once there was a Safeway parking lot, there is now this on the northeast corner:

On the southeast side, one of the more attractive street treatments in Metro:

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  1. It is time for Central Lonsdale to follow LoLo’s (Lower Lonsdale) example in becoming a vibrant and interesting urban place, all the way north from 13th Street to the freeway. There are some remarkably underdeveloped stretches – and opportunities-along this potentially “great street”.

    1. Where the rapid transit within N-Van, to W-van and to downtown ?
      Cram in more and more condo yet ZERO new LRTs, wider highways, wider roads, subways ? .. Just one more seabus ? A few more buses and another seabus just won’t cut it !
      No wonder the North Shore is getting more and more congested as are the bridges and downtown Vancouver from all them N-Shore traffic !

      1. Did you ever stop to wonder if mixed use… y’know working where you live – living where you work, would reduce the need for ever more and bigger transportation infrastructure?
        No… I guess not.

      2. Thomas replies: Not everyone fits that lifestyle.
        Ron rebuts: If even a small percentage can… say 20%, that solves most of the problem. Reduce MV traffic 20% and most of the congestion is gone.

  2. Make it so interesting and job rich that the residents stay local. We go to the North Shore maybe a few times a year. They should return us the favour. No more whining about the Ironworkers, or the Cut; or suffering on the claustrophobic Seabus. Stay put. Cheap and easy mobility is not a constitutional right. If transportation costs to business were not externalized, esp. if they were borne by employers, change would be rapid and benefit us all. There was a time when people barely travelled beyond their village. The North Shore is hardly a village.

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