February 14, 2017

Who Needs Canada: The City Conversation – Mar 2


Metro Vancouver’s Global Impact

From climate change to refugee settlement, cities around the world are tackling critical and complex global issues. Metro Vancouver’s municipalities are increasingly recognized for their efforts and their important role that goes beyond our region’s boundaries.
What are the opportunities for Canadian cities overall in the global arena? How are the leaders of Canadian cities having impact on the world stage and in addressing global issues? Where are they not yet, but should be?
Pamela Goldsmith-Jones, Member of Parliament for West Vancouver—Sunshine Coast—Sea to Sky Country, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of International Trade, former Mayor of West Vancouver
Penny Gurstein, Professor and Director of the School of Community and Regional Planning and the Centre for Human Settlements, UBC
Kaye Krishna, Vancouver’s new General Manager of Development, Buildings and Licensing.

Thursday, Mar 2
12:30–1:30 pm
Room 7000 – 515 West Hastings
Registration is not required but seating is limited. Please try to arrive early to ensure a seat.

Note that we do broadcast these events on the City Conversations Facebook page.

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  1. Who needs Canada” without the question mark! A rhetorical question expectant of well-considered answers, subtly positive with undisguised enthusiasm.
    To be otherwise would be “disloyal” invoking the obvious response, “if you don’t like it here you can always go to Saskatoon!
    Which reminds me of other times Vancouver has gone thru the exercise, 1995 Cityplan.
    Shortly after I moved to Mexico City for a couple years and returned to, surprise, surprise: nothing much had changed.
    Mexico City DF sure was a change! There are 13,000 public urban spaces in DF and none, that is the dozens I have visited, wet your behind when you sit down!
    But, of course what change may we expect in Vancouver in two years?
    Well, False Creek South was in place and False Creek North was almost!
    False Creek East is about to be and so too more False Creek North East! All the buildings in these enclaves have been designed and built separately as though they were built on Jupiter and the Moon.
    Vancouver’s city planners make the mistake providing too much green space (e.g. George Wainborn wet lawn: but of course, the view).
    Which is where change comes in. It’s subtle but, nevertheless, change from what is current to a very necessary understanding of city building as it presently is in the city: i.e. design all physical intrusions, spaces, in relation to one another with wet grass judiciously placed!

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