September 6, 2016

Hello, City, Hello — Kayak Share System

Now that Mobi bike-share is steadily moving into full operation, here’s the next big thing.  Time to get moving on water-friendly travel !!!

Mississippi River Paddle Share.

Kayak.Share.2Note the clever tie-in with bike-share (shown on the service’s station map), designed to facilitate a water-‘n-wheels round trip.  Here in Vancouver, with some work, perhaps a Kits to Fraser trip, returning on the Arbutus Greenway.
Otherwise, I envision a series of kayak-share stations on the shores and docks around False Creek, Kits beaches and Stanley Park.
Thanks to Yuri Artibise for the heads-up.

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  1. Sweet!
    Anyone familiar wit the unused kayak racks under the north end of the Cambie Bridge?
    I understand it was to be for kayak storage as a Concord condo amenity, but there was no safe launching spot nearby (details, details!!)

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