September 2, 2016

Scottish Parking Bans and Bigfoot helping Little Feet

It’s that time of the year again, where thousands of children nationwide go back to school. There are some interesting trends happening to ensure those children travel safely. In Edinburgh Scotland six schools have created exclusionary zones for blocks around the schools. The project called “School Streets” bans cars  from the streets an hour before school has commenced to an hour after school is over to encourage a safer environment and to encourage children to walk and cycle to school. An initiative of the City of Edinburgh’s City Council, the ban will also alleviate congestion and pollution levels at the school sites.

And for those who think that Sasquatch or Bigfoot is really a Canadian hanging out in beer commercials -Sasquatch has international work in Portland Oregon.

As reported here, a day after a 15-year-old student was hit by a car while walking home from school, the Portland Bureau of Transportation called in Bigfoot to walk children across school crosswalks. Interviewed  by Koin 6 News Bigfoot says:

“I’m just trying to send a message, I hope that if they’ll stop for me, they’ll stop for the little creatures on the road. Every intersection should be considered a crosswalk and that drivers shouldn’t go faster than 20 mph in school zones to ensure students’ safety.”
The messaging is clear-slow down if you are driving near school zones, or better still, walk  or bike with the kids to and from school. It’s a great way to start everyone’s morning.


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