July 21, 2016

Doin' the Mobi

Here’s occasional PT contributor Chris Keam with impressions of his first date with a Mobi.

Bottom line. If you have to be downtown and move around the core, this is a convenient and cheap way to get around. Essentially 30 cents a day for a year for unlimited trips within the time limit of the package you choose. If you think you’re going to use it, the early-bird deal is a good one. I would recommend snapping it up before it ends (July 31).

He likes it, and so do I.  Mobi is just fun and easy to use.


Cardero and Davie — look for one in your neighbourhood

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  1. The bike stand at Vancouver City Centre Station is more often empty than full – so it seems quite popular. They may have to add more spaces at this one.

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  3. Used it today for the first time. It worked well for us.
    No trouble with the first time registration, but then we had heard about difficulties so were prepared. Hard to read the display screens in sunlight.
    Saddle doesn’t go high enough for someone 6’4″, but is OK for short trips.
    It takes as long to remove and stow the helmet, and relock it, as it does to check the bike in or out. We had brought our own helmets.
    Gearing is very low, but seems appropriate for the bikes. We went to see the construction at Burrard and Pacific, and could ride up Thurlow from Beach to Pacific.
    Will be handier when there are more stations. Yaletown is still pretty empty, but downtown around Hornby and Granville were fine.
    We had several people ask about how they could use it. A good sign.

  4. So…..
    Where are they all? I tried finding the app, can’t find it. Map online says no bike stations anywhere near main and Broadway. This should be about convenience and so far it is the opposite.

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