July 20, 2016

Mobi: Waiting for the Soft Launch

Official start is 10:00 today.  Mobi bike-share VIDEO here.
At Davie & Cardero:  note helmets secured with the parking cable.
Sign in, map, details here.

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  1. Well, I already see two unnecessary steps that make this system not a slick as Bixi.
    First, that lock and dangling helmet have to be bundled up and put somewhere (and it won’t be my head). Second, it has to be put back again.
    The Bixi bikes just clicked in and clicked out.

  2. I just took one from Chinatown skytrain to robson and Cadero. The network is working. (Took two tries to activate ) Initial thoughts:
    1)the ride is smooth as is the shifting
    2) does hills without having to get out of my seat.
    3) when you stop the display shows distance and time
    4) end your trip by just rolling the bike into the station slot. (Push until click)
    1) the seat may be too low for taller folk. I am 6’7″ and found it not the best but manageable with the seat fully extended.
    2) the helmet securing cable drops the helmet to the ground when it releases. Safety or wear issue for helmets I am not the one to say.
    3) helmets are one size with no adjustments other than the chin strap. By loosening the strap I could prop the helmet on my head to avoid a fine bit not at all able to use as intended.
    Overall: A great ride and good investment by the city. I see future improvements to the helmet concerns. Unfortunately changing the law will not be one of them.

    1. Hopefully so many helmets get damaged that they have to abandon that foolish concept.
      Does the seat post have visible settings so you always know where to set your seat height before you get on?

    2. Rode from Canada Place to Olympic Village and seconding all the points above except for the height issue, as setting the seat to my height and looking at the number on the seatpost was a stone-cold bummer for this short fella. 🙂

  3. After a few more rides, I estimate 5mins per km on average. If you are coming up the Comox bike route, a little bit longer.
    At each station I was fielding questions. It wouldn’t hurt to have some info posted at the stations or a “register at MOBI.ca ” sign. You do act a bit as an ambassador for MOBI. It was great to hear see so much interest.

  4. Just gave it a try too. Gearing is pretty low and the grip shift turns the opposite direction from a typical setup which you’d get used to if this was your primary bike. I don’t know why they would do that.
    Helmet fits nicely in the basket but then – nothing else.

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