In the Canadian professional planning community, there are few honours higher than election as a Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Planners. Today, at the National Conference in Quebec City, a few locals (and friends of Price Tags) received the honour and should be duly celebrated. Michael von Hausen, Eric Vance, and Frank Ducote are all Metro Vancouver-based planners and urban designers who have made, and continue to make a huge contribution to making our region a better place, as well as educating a new generation of emerging practitioners.

On a personal note, I have gotten to know Frank well over the past years. I have learned, and continue to learn, heaps from Frank and consider him one of the sharpest and most talented urbanists in our region. And many of you will know him from his contributions to the Price Tags comment threads. Frank is ‘someone I respect’ (one of my highest honours) and I am thrilled to see Frank, and the rest, receive this well-deserved honour.

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  1. Dishonour. Yet another national report on excessive, make-work regulations & processes that add little incremental quality to housing is released this week while the planners party in Quebec. Skim their conference program; not a single session addressing the long-term, wide-spread, well-known obstacles they themselves create and maintain which are the primary cause of choked housing supply delivery. Complete avoidance. Not even a reflective session on public perception of their profession’s damage to urban life & economies (and now, a whole generation decimated and re-located). Institutional denial.
    Dozens of cool sessions on new forms of additional regs with catchy names.

  2. Honour. A most appropriate word for these urbanists.
    I have workshopped as a citizen on a couple of city projects with Frank and Michael and found their experience created an ease of expression and confidence in communicating with the public that was reassuring. Frank also has the talent to slice through the theory and pedantic academic fluff to get issues down to the basic wheels and gears.
    Kudos to all.

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