June 28, 2016

Bike-Share In the News

Toronto’s bike-share is expanding, doubling in size by adding 1000 bikes and 120 docks. Now, more stations will be located close to transit stations and in dense areas. All in support of improving travel options and increasing active transportation. The contract also includes upgrades (via replacement) to the existing station software and hardware.
This new equipment will be supplied by PBSC Urban Solutions, who claim to have 47,000 bikes and 3,800 stations in 15 cities, the biggest being London, New York and Chicago.  The company has its origins in Montreal’s BIXI.

“By expanding Bike Share Toronto, residents will have more options to get around the city. More bikes on our streets means fewer cars on our roads, helping to reduce congestion and improve the air we breathe,” said Mayor John Tory.


Broadway / Cambie Canada Line station

Vancouver‘s bike-share system is steadily moving forward.  A few docking stations are out there, at least one looks permanent (another looks to be for installer training), and one can infer locations in other places.
A founding member discounted yearly membership is available ending June 30. I hear that member packages, including fobs, have begun to arrive.

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  1. I was delighted to receive my “founding member” package in the mail yesterday, but dismayed by some of the contents.
    The directions for use suggest that in order to check out a Mobi bike, I will need to complete a five-step process:
    1. Wake up the bike
    2. Swipe the fob
    3. Enter a 4-digit pin
    4. Enter a 7-digit user number
    5. Swipe the fob AGAIN.
    As I said in an email to VancouverBikeShare:
    I can board a bus or a Skytrain with a single swipe of a card. I can drive off in a Car2Go with a card swipe and a single 4-digit pin. Or I can assume responsibility for an Evo with a single pin entry on my cell phone. Why is it necessary to impose a six-step process that includes the addition of 7-digit number AND an additional fob swipe?

    1. Post

      After contacting Mobi staff, the answer is this:
      The 5 step process is for the first time – to activate the membership.
      After that it’s a 4 step process:
      1. Press Enter
      2. Press 1 to scan card (press 2 if you want to use your user code instead of a card)
      3. Scan card
      4. Enter PIN & press Enter

      1. Nice. Thank you, Ken. And congrats for getting through to Mobi; I was stalled at the virtual gate.
        Four steps still seems to be two too many, but we win these battles in tiny increments.

      2. That is similar to how I understood it would work, since the instructions for the multi step process referred to activating the fob. Thanks for clarifying, Ken.

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