June 16, 2016

London – Co-Housing in Old Oak

From The Guardian series:

Michael Mortensen: “Strange urban dystopias? New urban nomads? Or a new connected society?  Have not seen a single kid yet in any of these videos.”

London co-housing

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  1. That’s scary to me!

    How is this different than living in an SRO homeless shelter? Oh, I get it, at least the homeless shelter is free. This one, you have to pay to stay in it. Welcome to progress.

    It also segregates people into potentially polarizing silos, which might not seem bad at first, but we all know how politics play out. I hope they do that part right.

    As for no kids, there’s no seniors either. Real life Logan’s Run coming to all our cities. As Bob Rennie said, and I paraphrase, “Hey all you old Boomers, hurry up and get the hell out of here. You’re taking up space, space that I can stuff up giant condo towers with childless young worker drones.”

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