April 21, 2016

Fewest 16-year-old Drivers since the Sixties




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  1. On the other hand. More vehicles are being purchased than ever before in history:

    “The final sales tally for 2015 marks the longest streak of annual gains since the 1920s and caps a spectacular comeback for the industry.

    “It’s truly remarkable that the auto industry is finishing off its best year ever just six years after the depths of the Great Recession,” analyst Jessica Caldwell of Edmunds.com said.

  2. I think driving is a useful skill to have (even if you don’t drive regularly or don’t own a car) and with the graduated licensing system in place, once kids get out of high school and university – if they need a licence for a job, good luck dealing with all the restrictions on new drivers.

    1. That tends to be the contradiction. You design a world in which there’s only one way to get around and then make it difficult to get permission to use that one way. There are reasons that things ended up this way but many people are left out of it.

    2. I guess that’s my point – you need to consider those limitations moving forward.
      If you’re studying to be an engineer that’ll require you to visit construction job sites (often in remote locations) – you’ll likely have to drive there.
      In some cases (inner city), you may be able to charge taxi rides to clients, but for longer trips, you’ll probably get billing complaints from the clients.

  3. The emerging result is that we have a young generation almost permanently affixed to handheld devices (which results in having considerable skills in navigating them), then they realize they need a car, borrow or share one, and have zero or minimal driving skills in dense urban areas. Many retain device handholding while driving to (a) retain the affixation mentioned above, and (b) for some, use of the devices as a driving aid to help them navigate driving 20-30 blocks.

    I am a driver, cyclist and transitor; I can attest that coming across these drivers, there are a menace on the roads. Oblivious menace.

    Experience matters; there is no virtue in being a 35-yr old virgin and never having your heart broken. Claiming to have never owned a vehicle and rarely driven can instantly become a hazard.

    1. As such, Vancouver based http://www.velometro.com tries to capitalize on that. A covered e-trike with Car2Go like interface to book, but no license required as it is classified as a bike.

      Trial to start with 20 or so bikes at UBC this fall, then Vancouver based rollout in 2017, then onto other warmer weather cities like Portland, San Diego, LA, Atlanta etc ..

      I drove their device 2 weeks ago. A tad clunky still, but it will improve in time. A true niche now covered in dense urban areas, with pricing at 29 cents a minute, 30% below Evo or car2Go ! Very realistic business plan with PubCo exit or buyout by major firm like car2Go or Apple or the like !

      Accredited investors sought right now, with 30% BC tax credit ! Check them out, and consider investing if you have some cash handy !

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