April 4, 2016

Burrard Transformed – 1

The City wasn’t kidding when it warned us that a large part of Burrard Street and the bridge would be under construction. Expect impacts.




Some of us find out how serious it is through experience..



Some change.DSC03456


The whole operation looks serious – run like a military operation.




This Burrard Transformation is worth documenting.  (Send Price Tags pictures and your observations over the next 18 months.)

The transformation of Burrard and Pacific complements the already-transformed southern intersection at Cornwall.  Not many North American cities have undertaken such designs and interventions at this scale.  What we have here is some pioneering work.

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  1. The City really needs to make the centre lane a bus-only queue jumper lane heading into town. There is plenty of queuing space in the other two lanes.

  2. The number of lanes vary by day and time of day.
    When they aren’t actively working there are more lanes open.
    One Saturday at about noon, westbound Pacific at Burrard was awful – only 1 lane open for both left turns and through traffic – so any left turned caused a back-up.
    Sundays and all evenings seem to be wide open.
    So choose your route accordingly.

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