February 15, 2016

SFU City Program Lecture: Were your parents always right?

“Eat healthy food. Don’t talk to strangers. Always wear your bike helmet.”

Were your parents always right?

Exploring the intersection of health and city-building


February 24
7 pm
Room 1420, SFU Harbour Centre, 515 West Hastings Street
Admission: Free, but reservations are required.Reserve


Strapping on a helmet for a bike ride won’t do you much good if your route is dangerous. Dietary advice can’t be followed if healthy food choices are unobtainable due to cost, scarcity or both. The perfect neighbourhood may prove to be unhealthy if it doesn’t support social interactions.
Pro Walk/Pro Bike/Pro Place is pleased to announce the second engagement of our speaker series. The series is intended to showcase local talent and research in anticipation of our September 12-15 conference – “Moving Toward a Healthier World.”
Professor Kay Teschke, UBC, will discuss her research findings on the determinants of cycling safety such as infrastructure, helmet usage, demographics and mode share. Keltie Craig will discuss Vancouver’s Healthy City Strategy.


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