January 8, 2016

From the department of Rad Shit

What happens when you have a piece of unused infrastructure?
If you’re in Spain apparently you do this:

A 100-Year-Old Church in Spain Transformed into a Skate Park Covered in Murals by Okuda San Miguel


Photo by  Lucho Vidales

There is a beautiful video and article about the project in The Guardian.
I couldn’t help but think of another iconic building which became disused and and was repurposed:
Granville Island 1_stitch
Oh, wait, that was just a blatant excuse to insert a personal pet peeve about the fact that there are too many Cars on Granville Island. There’s a great post about this here.
I meant to post this:
Old Detroit Theater Converted To Parking Garage
(Image: Bob Jagendorf, cc-3.0)
Yes, it’s as cliche an image as you can find, and in its’ own way is a fantastic space, I mean only to suggest again that there are plenty of good models to use as inspiration, and plenty of things that are best avoided … and the skill is in choosing which one is which.
If you’re looking at the world from the shoulders of giants, you still have to have a good eye.

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