December 17, 2015

$3.5B Massey Bridge fait accompli?

$3.5B expense (today’s costs)
Scant public records trail.
Silence from some of our old City leaders now in provincial government.
Is this responsible?

Well, an interesting discussion thread over the last couple of days, apparently populated by a few people who have information, press lines and FAQ responses that are not available to regular citizens – even through our Province’s Access to Information and Privacy legislation.
The widening scandal of public record destruction in the provincial government’s offices should be of concern to all citizens regardless of political stripe. I  like many who subscribe to this blog am driven by interests and principles, not politics. It smacks of hypocrisy that an $800M regional transit initiative is forced to a referendum when the province can spend $3.5B ($4,000 out of the pockets of every household in Greater Vancouver) in virtual secrecy.
Is this going to be the new system of provincial record keeping for multi-billion dollar public projects funded with our tax dollars?
chinese whispers
We need transparency and a proper forum to debate this important issue.
Thanks for your comments. Stay involved.

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