October 22, 2015

Ohrn Images: City as Workout

Ohrn joins the meme:


You can build city infrastructure to allow an active life, and a workout as a part of getting around.  Here are pix of people heading past, to and from the Burrard and Cambie Bridges via the seawall and steps.


Ohrn W1

Ohrn W2


On the other hand, at UBC’s Marketplace, some people have an alternative to steps, as they head on up to Gold’s Gym for a machine-based workout. Don’t want to arrive tired and sweaty, after all.


Ohrn W3

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  1. Ha!
    More likely downtown, anyways, are people not obeying the “walk left, stand right” rule on escalators.
    WRT escalators in commercial developments, the devices are installed without reference to who the potential tenant may be and they won’t rip them out.

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