October 19, 2015

October in New York: The Burnished, Glowing City

As remarked, the weather was extraordinary – unparalleled in my experience of visiting the city since the 1970s.  Perfect warmth without humidity.  An exquisitely clear, cloudless sky.  The leaves just starting their turn.  And a fall light that added richness to every landscape, natural and built.

Gold leaf, of course, helps.




This is what happens when an angular light gives depth and subtlety to a few very grand and well-placed trees




The city is on the whole greener than you’d think from reputation and cliche – likely the consequence of several decades of planting, maintaining and not killing off through wear and tear enough street trees so that some can survive long enough to become grand.

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  1. Excellent analysis Gord. I love trees in the urban environment. Where are they along Seymour street from Georgia to Dunsmuir?

  2. On the HBC side of Georgia, I think there are “areaways” (underground rooms) under the sidewalk.
    Not sure about the Bay parkade side, but there may be encroachments there too.
    They haven’t been very successful on the Robson – Georgia block either.
    There were a number of trees planted a few years ago along Telus House when buses were diverted off Granville St. for Canada Line construction, but most if not all of those trees seem to have died.
    Some new ones have now been planted closer to Georgia with the opening of the new building.

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