September 22, 2015

Ohrn Image: Nordie's

Ohrn is impressed.

I joined the good-natured throngs today at the opening of Nordstroms department store. Yep, it’s a pretty dull day.
As usual, among the thousands of items on offer, the one I beam in on is a lovely and stylish Shinola bike. My recollection is a price tag of around $3,600. This buys you a hand-made street commuter (utilitarian) bike. Unlike many bikes sold here in Soggyville, this one looks street legal – note the bell, front and rear lights.

You also get disk brakes front and back and an internally-geared hub. Not to mention a very practical carrier, chain guard and fenders. I think it has a steel frame, likely to be tough and durable. And is that a Brooks saddle?



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