August 26, 2015

Off Celebrating: Back next week

Off for a few days to celebrate 10th anniversary in Whistler.

If PT readers have suggestions on what to do or see in Whistler literally off the beaten track, or places to drink and eat with the locals, add ’em to the Comments.

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  1. They have a deal for one price you can take the ski lift up and then across the peak to peak gondola, then back for a buffet.

  2. Hi Gordon Locals love Alpine Cafe at the entrance to Alpine Meadows, Green Moustache and Southside Deli at Creekside . All funky and fun with great food. For finer dining, it’s Rimrock and Red Door Bistro, and in the village Araxi is still a fave. Make sure you walk the Valley Trail and get over to the west side of Alta Lake and wander out of the village up to Lost Lake [checking out the beautiful new Audain Art Museum on the way — opening in November.]

    Glenda at 604.669.3669