August 19, 2015

The Daily Durning: Sinoizing Africa

From CityLab:

China isn’t just providing the manpower to fuel quickly urbanizing African cities. It is exporting its own version of urbanization, creating cities and economic zones that look remarkably similar to Chinese ones.


China in Africa


Africa is urbanizing at the same pace as China did in the past 30 years, but in a process that is less coordinated and aligned. People do not only move to the capitals of African countries, but especially top second and third tier cities.

There are many resemblances. First of all, the speed of urbanization is similar. But also, the level of energy and dynamism and the ambition for progress in Chinese and African cities are comparable. Driving through the fringe of Nairobi, with its construction sites, road works, traffic jams, and advertisements for furniture and processed food one could easily imagine being in the outskirts of a Chinese city.


China 3


Full article and more images here.

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  1. China is not only exporting their own kind of urbanization, but it is also leaving behind their labour force.

    There have been numerous cases of Chinese (state backed) construction firms under bidding on many construction jobs in various parts of the world. This is partly possible due to some of the labour coming from prison population being exported abroad to work on these projects. Once the jobs are finished, majority of the labourers are left behind once the firm packs up and leaves.

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