August 17, 2015

In the Key of See


Michael Alexander reports:


There seem to be more public pianos around town. In my walk from Yaletown to Olympic Village, there are now three: at Science World, being played by a woman in one of those electric vehicles used by people with disabilities (not sure what they’re called) …

Piano 1


Then, on the seawall just past the Dragon Boat area at the east end of the Olympic Village …

Piano 2


And, after a long linger with a friend at Terra Breads, looking down on a trio— yes, drums and bass– around the piano at Spyglass Place, after we’d climbed to the west walkway of the Cambie Bridge on our way home. The tide was turning, creating wonderful patterns in the water of False Creek…

Piano 3


So, thanks once again to the wonderful people at City Studio and their Keys to the Streets program which puts public pianos around Vancouver each summer, making for some of the city’s loveliest surprise experiences.

Vancouver needs more of this sweet imagination.

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  1. That one by the Oly Village is great. Was running with a large group training for the marathon, pianist sees us and starts playing the theme from “Chariots of Fire”. Classic!

  2. There are two public piano suppliers this year. The ‘original’ “Keys to the Street” (the CityStudio alumni) has 10 pianos, and “Pianos on the Street,” sponsored by Pacey’s pianos has an additonal 16

  3. Thanks, Yuri, and nice to know that the sounds are spreading. I’d noticed a Pacey’s Pianos logo on some instruments, but assumed they were supplying Keys to the Streets. Instead, they’re spreading the sounds, so extra thanks to Pacey’s.

    I’d also heard that City Studio had ended Keys to the Streets, but that two alumna took the initiative to keep it going. They need to be identified and rewarded. Ode to Joy!

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